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Vessels, Shrines, and Reliquaries - One day

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A class with Larkin Jean Van Horn:

Vessels, Shrines, and Reliquaries - One day

Time: One full day, six classroom hours
Skill level: All, must be familiar with own sewing machine
There is no additional kit fee for this class

Vessel: Anything that will hold or contain anything else.
Shrine: Anything that commemorates or memorializes a person, place, or event.
Vessel: A combination of the two.

Students will choose from a variety of forms to explore as they wish. We will discuss design considerations so students can go on to designing their own 2D and 3D structures. In this one-day class, students will concentrate on one form. In the two-day class, students will be able to start 2 or 3 forms.

Before the class, the most important thing you will do is choose your color scheme. Once that decision is made, collecting materials becomes easy. If there is a particular theme you wish to explore, bring items related to that theme.

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Supply list:

Sewing machine and basic sewing supplies (including all cords, manual, cleaning supplies, extension cord, free motion and zigzag feet, Topstitch 90 needles)

Hand sewing needles: size 10/11/12 beading needles; size 20 chenille needles (large eye, sharp point)

Needle threader: Recommended but optional: 


Rotary cutting equipment: (small for classroom use)

Scissors: fabric shears, small thread snips

X-Acto knife with new blade

Glue stick

Needle nose pliers

Timtex: 1 yard

Matboard: 20” x 20”

Fusible web: Mistyfuse or Wonder Under 805 preferred – 2 yards

Parchment paper or Teflon fusing sheet

Threads (in your color scheme) – basic sewing thread, decorative threads, nylon beading thread, perle cotton size 12

Fabric: A goodly assortment in your color scheme for collage – fat quarters will do for our purposes. Do not bring yardage to class, you will not need it, and it takes up too much classroom space. See note below about pre-fusing.

Embellishments: yarns, ribbons, lace, whatnot as you wish

Beads, cabochons, buttons: Don't forget beading needles, beading thread, and Terrifically Tacky Tape for cabochons.

Paper and pencil/pen for taking notes and sketching

Task Light: Optional, but highly recommended for any hand work.

Other preparation:

You can avoid some long lines for the iron by pre-fusing some of your collage fabrics.