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This is my "old" gallery for quilts, almost everything here has moved to the new section.

The Mandala Project - An exercise in creativity and spirituality, one of which will be featured in an upcoming book on Mandalas.

Rocks and Water - MOVED - A series of small quilts, each consisting of a base layer, an organza overlay, a cabachon focus, and bead accents. Now includes about twenty pieces in two galleries.

The Shattered Circles - MOVED - Another series based on circles, with fascinating shapes resulting from laying one circle of fabric on a contrasting background - but with the circle shattered.

The Journal Project 2003 - MOVED - Most of us who created journal quilts in 2002 were rewarded by the experience and returned for 2003. The exhibit at Houston was wonderful, here are my first nine month's results.

A Frog's Eye View - MOVED - Created for "View From the Bridge," an invitational exhibit at the LaConner Quilt Museum.

Anna, the Prophetess - MOVED - Created in 2003 for the "Women of Biblical Proportion" invitational exhibit at the Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show in January 2004

The Journal Project - MOVED - Many artists keep journals in text, this project asks quilters to create a journal page each month. One hundred fifty quilt artists participated in 2002, the results were shown at International Quilt Festival in Houston.

Americans United - MOVED - My tribute to the victims of the attacks of 11 September 2001.